Hi. I am Gautham Velappan Arumugavadivelmurugan. I have what appears to be a very difficult name to pronounce. Most often I have pronunciation challenge with people and end up winning.
Anyway, having such a unique name is good for something - I can be easily found on the internet without much difficulty and when it comes to getting user names I can never have any trouble getting one.


I am a front end Mobile applications and Web developer who is passionate about innovating and creating productive applications. When not developing I create various prototype, designs and ideas. I also spend time tutoring basics of iOS development, swift and objective-c.


I am an US-based iOS, watchOS, and tvOS Developer and a consultant with a wealth of experience in big brands and small businesses. I have published few apps on my own, including Namma Chennai which was the top transit app under navigation section in India region.
My recent client work includes Citi Mobile NA, Logitech Harmony, JapanPost Health, and Logitech Broadcaster. I am also part of a team at IBM which built 100+ enterprise apps for iOS devices.
In addition to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV development (all mostly coded with Swift), I work as a Ruby on rails developer specializing in API developments for iOS apps.

I currently work for IBM and contribute to IBM’s Interactive Experience team. Prior to that, I was a software engineer at Logitech Inc., developing iOS and OS X applications. I also developed applications for Cognizant Technology Solutions, few other startups.


Design Patterns
Code quality/review/Git
iOS Application development
User experience and User interface

Technical Skills Summary

MySQL, CouchDB
Xcode, Eclipse, Git
RESTful web services, Rails
Objective-C, Swift, JSON, C, HTML, Bash
Mac OS, OSX, Windows, Linux, iOS, watchOS, tvOS

Being a casual photographer I enjoy capturing landscapes, cityscapes and other random scenes. I don’t own any professional camera and I fancy my iPhone to do the magic.


The apps here were all designed, created, and published by myself or the work I did for the clients. All of my personal apps are published under my family account, Karthik Velappan.

I am fairly active on the tech community, you can find my contributions at these forums.

Did I mention I am on Instagram? Here are some of my snaps.

Beautiful fall afternoon at Central Park, NYC
Bird's-eye view of Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Stunning sunset at San Diego, CA
Gloomy hours in Manhattan, NY
Sunny day at Piedmont Park, Atlanta
Seashore at Baltimore, MD


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